learning dispositions

At Sacred Heart Catholic School Cabramatta we believe a visible learning demonstrates these learning dispositions.


What feedback looks like at Sacred Heart.....


Learning at Sacred Heart is built around the 6 learning dispositions, as well as providing the students with opportunity to set goals for their own learning and build on from all their successes. Learning Intentions and Success Criteria have always been a central part to teaching and learning. these are now being used with more direct understanding from the students.


As a curious member of Sacred Heart I can discover new ideas and take initiative to solve problems. I am wondrous with the world around me. I communicate what I know, what I want to know and what I have learned about a topic. I contribute my ideas and enthusiasm for learning new things. I encourage others to share what they know or what they want to know. I ask interesting and relevant questions. I experiment using new resources and technologies to solve problems. I am confident to explore